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Dietcalc®   (Testimonials)

"I started serious weight loss when I got on a large scale to check the corners.  (I am a scale technician but usually write software.)  I was shocked to see 407!  The scale was correct.  I saw my Doctor, and was refered to a Weight loss specialist that runs A Unique Way.  She wanted me to keep track of calories, fat, salt, and so forth.  I am not into writing stuff down.  She said to try your website.  I did, and purchased the Dietcalc®.  It has been a HUGE help in my weight loss!  I take it everywhere and enter items before eating them.  It keeps me honest, and well aware of my eating.  I HIGHLY recomend it!"

James DuPuy
Lost 44 lbs in 2.5 months

"I quit smoking 2 years ago and within 6 months had gained 10 pounds.  I saw an ad for the Dietcalc® and figured I'd buy one.  6 months later I'd lost the weight and have now kept it off for 8 months and counting.  I never leave home without it!  My friends make fun of me, even more now that I've lost the weight, but it's been a great management tool.  Thank you!"

Jody Hamilton
Lost 13 lbs in 6 months

"Although I've only been on my program for 9 1/2 weeks, I've lost 14 pounds with regular exercise.  I've had a weight problem my whole life and have never really eaten right.  This product has taught me how to! I have about 46 more pounds to lose, but with this wonderful product, I am more confident that I will succeed more than ever!!  I showed my doctor and to say the least, he was extremely impressed!  He said that he wished more people knew about this product.  Thank You so very much for making such a hard thing to do (losing weight) much easier!  I will never be without my Dietcalc® ever again!  Even after I lose the rest of my weight, I fully intend on using it in my daily life for maintenance."

Kelly Zajicek
Lost 14 lbs in 2 months

"If I was on a sinking ship what personal item would I try to save?  That's easy, my Dietcalc®!  I have only had it about three weeks and I have lost 8lbs.  I had been trying to lose the last few pounds from the birth of my son and having no luck.  I was at the gym every day spending hours with weights and cardio but I was stuck.  Not until I got the Dietcalc® was I able to see the fruits of my labor.  The trainer came up to me to see what the heck program I was doing and said "keep on doing it cause your getting cut".  I was doing everything right.  I was working out and eating healthy food but eating too much of it.  I never felt that I ate very much but now I know how quickly it adds up.  I've set my caloric intake for 1200 and wow, it is making a difference.  After seeing me, my aunt, and her friend, bought one and all the moms at the gym want one.  I honestly think this is the best tool out there.  Who needs Jenny Craig or Weight Watcher.  All the info you need is right in front of you.  I am totally in love with the Dietcalc®."

Amanda Webber
Lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks

"I already have a Dietcalc®, it has done wonders for me.  In April, I had my gallbladder removed (I'm olny 33).  I am 6' 4" and was 304 lbs, in pretty good shape.  My cholesterol ranged from 220 to 300 and my tri's were as high as 1326.  After my operation, I started to watch what I ate, the doctor said it would be a good idea.  Writing everything down was a real pain although I thought it was working well.

Then I purchased the Dietcalc®.  Wow!  I was eating about 1200 to 1600 more calories and about 30 to 6 more grams of fat.  Writing down the info was not even close to what I really was taking in.  The best news is I'm 251 lbs now, I lost 53 lbs so far.  Just wanted to say thanks."

Corey Susz
Lost 53 lbs

"I have been looking for something like the Dietcalc® for years.  I could not understand why no one had invented a calculator to keep track of calories for dieting.  In november of 2002 I was diagnosed with type II diabeties making it imperative I control my diet.  While browsing a Diabeties site I saw what I had searched for for years, Your Dietcalc®.  So I bought myself a Christmas present.  Since then I have been able to control my diet, or at least know how much I have strayed and keep my glucose levels down.  Thank You.  It's funny all this time I have been looking and you were only 40 miles away.  I have been showing everyone I know your wonderful machine.  Hopefully they will want one too.  I especially like the ability to add your own foods.  Thank You again."

William A. Beppler III

"I received my Dietcalc® yesterday and I am astounded on how quickly I learned how to use it.  The poster was a great help.  Very simple directions.  This is my second day and I already have it programmed with all the foods I eat and have taken out the foods that I know I won't eat.  Just since yesturday, I can understand now where I have been going wrong with my diet.  Even though I have been consuming a low amount of calories I have been getting way to much sodium, cholesterol, and carbs.  Not enough protein and fiber.  It has taken me a year to lose 30 pounds.  (I also have problems with my thyroid).  Thank you so much for inventing a product that really helps with getting to the root of the problem!"

Heather Nesic

"Dietcalc® is a unique device that promotes wellness and empowers individuals to become guardians of their own good health.  This pocket sized wonder allows users to monitor their caloric intake, sodium, cholesterol and a variety of other nutritional parameters that are essential for health promotion and maintenance.  It is a practical, no-nonsense alternative to yo-yo dieting, rigid and monotonous menu plans, and a variety of other diet/weight loss fads.  Dietcalc® offers a wealth of information for more than 2000 commonly used food items (plus room to store an additional 400 items of your choice) and it's instantly available at your fingertips.  I recommend it wholeheartedly."

Dr. Carin J. Klein, MS, RD
Registered Dietitian and President
Webpointe2000, Inc.

"As a certified diabetes educator, I have found the Dietcalc® to be an amazingly helpful tool to help patients manage chronic health problems like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol, while achieving a healthy weight.  The Dietcalc® can help reduce, or in some cases, eliminate the need for some medications by helping individuals to stick to their personal nutritional goals.

The Dietcalc® makes it easy to custom design a diet that meets your personal health needs.  My patients, especially those with diabetes, love using the Dietcalc® because it empowers them to take control and get the results they desire as they learn how to eat right for health.  Patients have found it easy and even fun to use.

With the Dietcalc®, you can experience success too.  You can achieve numerous health benefits through a proper diet, healthy weight loss, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, blood sugar control, and a better self image.  Almost everyone desires good health without the need to rely on prescription medication or fad diets.  Now, with the Dietcalc®, you can regain control of your wellness and health."

Debra G. Singer R.P.H.
F.A.C.A., Certified Diabetes Educator C.D.E.

The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Dietcalc® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  The information provided on our website is deemed to be accurate, however, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information.  For the most complete and up to date information about Dietcalc® please contact the manufacturer.

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